Crete Departure Day.

We got up at 5.50 am. Packed quickly and left for the bus without breakfast.

Jessa with all luggage.

We paid 24 EURO for 4.4 kg of overweight baggage (44.4 kg for 2 persons). At the airport I bought local alcohol: ouzo and metaxa, Jessa bought Baileys for her father.


Crowd at the Iraklio Airport.
Smurfs 🙂

Crete Day 12: Bus trip to Rethymno

After the sunbath, we went to Rethymno by local bus. We were lucky, the bus was full and we could still enter but we stood. At the next, some people didn’t enter and they need to wait for the next bus. So my advice, take early buses if you want to travel to your destination without waiting for the bus.

At the bus stop. Jessa in a gorgeous white dress.

The city park in Rethymno is nothing special.

A bamboo trees.

Rethymno in its narrow street Łoś has lots of shops.

Jessa is in fervor of shopping.
Waiting for some appetizers.

Crete Day 9: Kournas Lake, Dourakis Winery and shopping in Chania

We went to see, the biggest sweet-water lake on the Crete. The turtles live there. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any.

Kournas Lake.
Douraki’s winery.

On the way to Chora Sfakion, you can find one of plenty Cretan wineries. We stopped by, and went for a little tasting. It came out, that the semi sweet wine from 2013 was the best one. We bought 3 bottles and asked how much it would be to send it home, let’s say 100 bottles (I am waiting for reply, as I am writing the blog now).

At so-called Douraki’s castle.
Old interior design.

After wine tasting, we went to Chania to see the city one more time and to buy some souvenirs.

At Chania’s street.
Nice restaurant – open roof.
At Chania’s street.

The most beautiful in Chania is harbour, when one can see the mixture of culture that the Crete architecture is full of.

Panorama view on Chania harbor.
New house, old houses.
Nice carpentry.
The Orthodox Cathedral.

Crete Day 8: Voyage to Gavdos Island

The alarm ringed at 6.03 am. We packed and drove to Chora Sfakion to take the ferry to Gavdos Island.

On the road to Chora Sfakion

We ate breakfast at local spot: Malotira tea and 2 pancakes with local cheese and honey from Thyme flowers (9.50 euro).

A pancake with local cheese and honey from thyme.
Incoming ferry.

Dominika took a frappe coffee (local Greek coffee).

Dominika drinks local frappe coffee.
During the voyage it was quite cold. So you need a blanket.
The view of Crete.
The first view of Gavdos.

At the port, we have two choice either go with the bus to the capital of island or go to the the beach with the owner of the restaurant and rooms for rent.
The island of Gavdos has around 500 inhabitants. At the capital is a small village. We decided to go with the Greek.

At his place, there was a beach called: Korfos Beach. It was small nice beach with crystal clear water.

Korfos beach.
Clear water.
Feet at the vacation.
Taking a sunbath.

After having swum we went to eat at the Panorama Taverna, that is the name of the place, whose owner brought to it earlier. We had a nice dinner and chocolate ice creams, made by the owner’s wife. We paid 24 euro for lunch and 8 euro for transport from port. We got to know from the owner that he rents the rooms for 35euro per day for a room for 2 persons. If you choose to have also the food, it will cost you 70 euro for 2 persons per day.

Lunch at the Panorama Taverna.
The contact details of taverna.
Road back to the port.
Leaving Gavdos.
On the ferry.

Our return voyage took 4.5 hours instead of 2.5 hours. We had to stop at Agios Roumeli, a small port which lies at the exit of Samaria Gorge. During the summer time 1000-3000 people visits the gorge everyday. We saw a crowd waiting for our ferry.

We didn’t enter this gorge. It is said to be the largest and the most beautiful at The Crete. We experienced the other gorge, a smaller one – Imbros Gorge.

The next stop before the destination was a small port Loutro. It was picturesque port.

After arrival we to the port we took the car and drove back to Georgioupoli.

The island of Crete.

Crete Day 7: At the heart of Crete

We started our trip form visiting the town of the southern Crete – Chora Sfakion. The road to the town goes through the mountain, so sometimes it quite high.

Road to Chora Sfakion.
Dominika sits at the verge of the wall.
Beautiful views on the way to Chora Sfakion.
Chora Sfakion’s harbor.
Greek coffee – sweet version, in Greek “gliko”.
Perfect water.
Chilling out.
The best spot for a lunch on the Crete.






One can stay for one night at Chora Sfakion, harbour, a double room cost 55 euro with a breakfast.

Jessa taking panorama photo.
The sunlight is strong.
We checked the departure day to Gavdos Island.
A road through a Greek village.
Southern part of the Crete.
Perfect location for a nice jump to the water.

On the way to Frangokastello.

A deserted beach.
Colours 🙂
In the ruins.
A view from Frangokastello.
A picturesque view.
On the roads, you can find many road signs that were shot.


To admire the so-called heart of Crete, we drove from Frangokastello to Argyroupoli.

A small village, many empty houses.
Which way to go ?
The traffic was low (we didn’t see anybody for 45 minutes), we stopped to take the photo.
A road.
Driving down to Argiroupoli.
The oldest orthodox church at the Crete.

Special products made by nuns.


At this village there was a special holiday, so Jessa bought bracelets to her sisters, and the monk asked for their names and said a prayer, praying for health and ….

Hungry after a day-long-journey.
Hungry after a day-long trip – 3 main dishes: mousaka, stuffed tomato and spaghetti (it was too much 😉 ).

Crete Day 6: Elafonisi and Falasarna.

The time has come to visit the beach, where a one of the Bounty bar commercial where made.

Road to Elafonisi.
Agia Sophia cave.
A view on Imbros Gorge.
Orange juices – made from fresh oranges, amazing.
Chryssoskalitissa Monastery.
At the entrance to monastery.
Altar in the monastery.
Elafonisi beach.
The nest spot for kids, warm and shallow water.
Reddish sand.
Collecting reddish sand.
Wonderful water.
A joy for water.
Enjoying holidays.
Testing a new swim circle.
Mountains everywhere.
A view from the window.
A road to Falasarna.


A sunset at Falasarna beach.
A sandy beach.
Hmmh, I will swim soon 🙂
1.36 euro for 1 litter of diesel. 1.90 for petrol.
A dinner, zucchinis are very tasty.

Crete Day 5: Rethymno

We bought postcards at the first day, but we managed to send them later.

Sending postcards and hoping they would arrive before us.
A swim circle, I am so proud!

We went to the most beautiful city in the Crete – Rethymno.

A narrow, calm steet.
A sun clock.
You might stay there longer if you wish.

It is amazing how smoothly you can switch from a very calm street to very noisy one.

A full of life street.


Greek fabrics.

Jessa bought a cover for a bed of one the presented fabric.

Nice dress!
Roman fountain.
A lunch at the Rethymno harbour.
The fortress is the most beautiful old building on the island.
View at the harbour.
Inside the fortress.
A view from the walls of the fortress.
At the cathedral/mosque.
Our car is parked over there.
A panorama view from the Fortress.



On the way back Georgioupoli, we stopped at the beach to refresh ourselves.

A nice hat.



Crete Day 4: Iraklio and Knossos

Inside the church.
Road heading to the Iraklio harbour.
A spartan 🙂
Suits better 🙂
Iraklio harbour.
The most famous bull.
Knossos palace.
Greek hairstyles.
Jessa likes pottery.
At the Knossos palace.
Knossos palace.
Not so high.
Once it was a beautiful place.
Ready for swim !
A nice spot for the lunch after sunset.
Octopus, I prefer boiled one.